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Debt collection lawyers

The team at MZS Lawyers has years of experience in the area of debt collections and litigation. If you or your company are faced with a situation in which a borrower has failed to repay you, and you have exhausted other avenues trying to collect, we may be able to help.

We can offer advice tailored to your unique situation, and will explore with you the most cost-effective solution to maximize your chances of recovery. Our collection methods include:


  • Pre-litigation collection negotiations

  • Debt collection litigation (Small Claims, or Superior Court)

  • Interim litigation remedies such as personal property seizures, or inspection orders

  • Post-judgment enforcement remedies including obtaining writs of execution, judgment debtor examinations, wage garnishments, bank garnishments, and contempt orders

Generally, the limitation period in Ontario for bringing a lawsuit to collect a debt is two years from the last written acknowledgment of the debt or two years from the last payment, whichever is later. There are exceptions, but creditors are strongly advised to obtain legal advice well before a potential limitation period comes up.

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