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Marc is a founding

member of the firm.

Marc is a member of the Ontario bar and has been admitted to practice in Illinois. He graduated from Yale Law School and Amherst College.

Marc is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA).  His participation in OTLA includes conference speaker, an article in OTLA’s quarterly journal The Litigator, contributor to the OTLA political action committee and active contributor to the OTLA listserv.  Marc’s written work has also appeared in the New York Times Magazine.

Marc has served on the board of the Trust Fund of the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) and has served on the board of the Ottawa Public Library Foundation (OPLF). Marc was the OPLF’s first President and was on its board from its founding in 2002 until early 2013 when the Foundation was dissolved.  The reasons for the winding-up of the Foundation were reported fairly though not extensively by Joanne Chianello in the Ottawa Citizen.  Marc formerly served on the FOPLA board as well.

Marc worked for a time at Land of Lincoln Legal Services, a public interest legal organization in downstate Illinois. Before attending Yale Law School, Marc was a staff member of Human Rights Internet, an NGO then based at Harvard Law School.  In the early 1990’s Marc spent a year as a student in the Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa law school.

Before moving back to Ottawa in 2000 Marc lived in Toronto where he was part of a telecom start-up and also taught at the George Brown College Seniors’ Program.

Marc is active in the local chapter of the Yale Alumni Association.  He speaks French and German proficiently.

Marc practiced law with his father Emilio Binavince from 2000 until late 2006. As a young man, Marc had the good fortune to see his father argue cases in the Supreme Court of Canada including the Operation Dismantle case, which is a foundational constitutional law decision. Emilio Binavince, and his former law partner Gordon Henderson, were influences on Marc’s decision to attend law school.

While the days of the great trial lawyers may be drawing to a close as the litigation bar becomes ever more specialized and sub specialized, Marc strongly believes that the courtesy and professionalism of these lawyers ought to be emulated by lawyers litigating in today’s courts.

Marc has been a lawyer for over twenty years and has practiced law in Ontario for almost fifteen years.

Marc has considerable courtroom experience, including trial in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as lead lawyer. However, his approach to litigation is to be both aggressive and reasonable. This approach almost always results in a settlement before trial.

Practice Areas

Elder abuse, financial advisor negligence, personal injury, lawyer negligence, commercial disputes, medical and dental malpractice, insurance claims disputes, real estate disputes, accident benefits litigation, LTD litigation, wrongful dismissal, coverage disputes, pension litigation, bank and trust company negligence, product liability, representing victims of financial fraud, and sexual harassment.

On a more limited basis, Marc handles WSIB and CPP appeals. While no longer active in tax and criminal law matters, Marc has experience in these areas which he often applies in his general litigation practice.

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