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Wrongful dismissal lawyers

Whether you’re changing jobs or positions, fired, laid off, or being pressured to quit because of workplace difficulties, you should find out your legal rights.

Some of the most common areas in employment law we deal with (in non-federal workplaces) are:

Wrongful dismissal: Under the Employment Standards Act, 2000, if you’ve been fired without cause, you are entitled to a minimum notice period or payment in lieu of notice.

However, common law notice (based on court decisions) can offer greater notice periods or payment than the statutory minimum, and is based on factors including an employee’s age, position, and length of service.

Constructive dismissal: This can occur where an employer makes fundamental changes in the terms or conditions of an employee’s employment, including a cut in salary or benefits, demotion, transfer, or where the working conditions subject an employee to a hostile or abusive environment, or are designed to set them up for failure.

Employment contracts: Understanding the terms of an employment contract is crucial to protecting your interests in the workplace, and understanding what your entitlements and obligations are after departing from a position.

Severance packages: Before signing a severance offer, seeking legal advice is strongly recommended. We consider a range of information in assessing the adequacy of any severance offer, including the nature of the job, the salary or wages and benefits, the employees working background and tenure at the position, and the events leading up to termination.

We can help you assess whether you have a wrongful dismissal claim, whether a severance package is fair, and whether a proposed or existing employment contract protects your interests.

If we cannot resolve the dispute by agreement, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to bring your claim to trial and win.


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